Vegetation Clearance & Grass Cutting in Wakefield, Pontefract & Leeds

We are Saw Dog Contractors, a dedicated team specializing in vegetation clearance and grass cutting services, based in Pontefract and serving Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire region.

Vegetation Clearance & Grass Cutting We Offer:

At Saw Dog Contractors, we offer a comprehensive range of vegetation clearance and large scale grass cutting services. We use specialist machinery, such as ride-on flails and lawn mowers, to ensure that we can provide you with a high-quality service.

Vegetation Clearance

We can clear all types of vegetation, including trees, shrubs, bushes, and weeds. We can also remove stumps and roots. Our vegetation clearance services are perfect for:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial sites
  • Construction sites
  • Landscaping projects
  • Property maintenance

Large Scale Grass Cutting

We can cut grass on any scale, from small residential lawns to large commercial properties. We use ride-on lawn mowers and other specialist machinery to ensure that we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our large-scale grass cutting services are perfect for:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Sports fields
  • Golf courses
  • Other large areas of grass

What Are The Benefits of Vegetation Clearance

Opting for professional vegetation clearance offers multiple benefits, especially if your goal is to redevelop the land in question. It's also crucial for eliminating hazardous plants, disposing of dangerous substances, or cleaning up waste from illegal dumping.

If your land is choked by mature trees, invasive plant species, or extensive shrubbery, undertaking any development becomes a formidable challenge. The first step in transforming any green space is the removal of vegetation to create a more accessible area. Beyond facilitating redevelopment, the clearing of vegetation serves other purposes such as minimizing antisocial behavior, preemptively removing risky trees, and enhancing the visual appeal by eliminating unattractive growth. It's worth noting that eradicating invasive species may require specialized, ongoing treatment to ensure they don't return.

Our expertise lies in the efficient removal of plant growth, ranging from scrub elimination and tree felling to stump grinding. Utilizing the most secure and efficient techniques, our Tree Surgeons and vegetation clearance specialists can perform comprehensive vegetation clearances. We pride ourselves on an exemplary safety record, and all our personnel are proficiently trained in the use of chainsaws, mulchers, flails, hedge trimmers, and other motorized clearance tools. Compliance with legal guidelines is a standard practice for our team, guaranteeing an unparalleled quality of service.


A Few Words About Us

Saw Dog Contractors is your premier service provider for vegetation clearance and grass cutting, proudly serving Pontefract and the surrounding communities. While our highly trained team excels in tree-related services like tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding, we specialize in the meticulous management of vegetation and lawn care. Whatever your needs are for clearing vegetation or maintaining a manicured lawn, we've got you covered with the latest equipment and specialist techniques.

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We use the latest equipment for our vegetation clearance and grass cutting projects meaning you can guarantee a superb finish in surprising speed.

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Our vegetation clearance and grass-cutting experts are qualified with the latest NPTC qualifications and use the latest equipment and techniques. All pully tested under PUWER regulations for optimum safety.

Affordable Pricing

Using the right equipment allows us to complete your project at lightening fast speeds. This allows us to keep our over heads down and productivity high.

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